In a nutshell . ..


It was in the autumn of 1997 when I discovered The Internet and found new resources and made connections with others who shared my passion for hand embroidery and vintage kitsch.  At first, we began trading patterns as photo-copies.  Then later, in order to use the patterns more easily, my husband developed a process for reprinting iron-on transfers at home.  I sold my collections of vintage reprints on ebay under the user name: patternbee, from 2000 - 2005. (My profile and feedback remain on the site.)


Creating iron-on reprints proved to be an expensive "hobby" though, requiring patented ink and specialized equipment. So, in the spirit of necessity being the mother of invention, the business side of things began and the PatternBee Vintage Embroidery Shop was launched in early spring of 2005. My blog turkey feathers: homecraft & everyday adventures followed a few months later. This is where I share my projects and ideas.  And that lead to creating two indie books about handwork and craft stitching.


The PatternBee website serves as a sort of archive of vintage needlework patterns, due in part, by the generosity of others who have contributed patterns to it with a shared desire to keep them in circulation for future generations to enjoy. 


To date, I am still collecting and stitching and run this little hobby biz out of the small room at the back of my house.  I love hearing your "stitch stories" and seeing the things you are making with the vintage patterns!  You all inspire me.