News update for June 2022:


The PatternBee website update is complete and we are back online.  Thanks so much for your patience!


Be sure and check out the new additions page for two "new" Alice Brooks dish towel designs shared by Denise from NC.  Blog update coming soon!

News update for January 2022:


Good news!  My pattern prices will remain the same this year; they have not had a price increase since 2004 and I'm doing everything I can to keep it that way!  However, postal rates have increased so I'm shipping all merchandise parcels via USPS First Class with tracking.  This option requires envelopes to be at least 3/4" thick, so if you order one pattern you may receive a "padded" shipping envelope of some sort--and this is why.  My 'Shipping Rates Chart' is on the ORDERING page.  Note: You can save $ on postage by ordering more than one pattern at a time--up to four or five (as prices vary) at the minimum postage rate of $3.95.  Larger orders will continue to ship using Priority Mail as before.  


The PatternBee website does not require customers to create an account with a LOG-IN, and therefore we do not store (or share) any personal information or view credit card numbers because all commerce is done through the Paypal interface which is verified and secure. 

News update for May 2020:


With lots of us spending more time at home these days, picking up our needlework to pass the time appears to be a popular pursuit, as the month of May has so far been a busy, busy month for pattern sales here on the website and over on my Etsy Shop:  PatternBee Embroidery.   I am truly grateful for your business and really appreciate the sweet notes you send me!  Thank you for that.  These are difficult times and it helps to stay connected and share our common interests with one another.   Needlework certainly has a calming affect as well.



Due to the world-wide "shut-down" the supply chain for products and goods has been affected making it difficult to obtain things we need to run our business...standard shipping envelopes in this case.  They are on order.  In the meantime, your patterns may arrive in a make-shift package/envelope as I've had to work with what resources I have on hand to keep your pattern orders moving quickly.  So, if you receive a funny looking package, this is why.  :o)



On the PatternBee website, the shipping profiles have been corrected and updated.  I truly apologize to my International & Canadian customers, but with postage rates sky-high, Customs issues and no tracking services offered through USPS, pattern orders are limited to the U.S. at this time. 



This is for a number of reasons, primarily convenience, as I receive too few mail-orders to justify the extra time involved to manage this.   I still offer several online payment options--no Paypal account necessary.


MY BLOG . . .

For additional crafty content and news, visit my new PATTERNBEE BLOG

News Update for March 2020:



Over the years the PatternBee logo has morphed along with my ever-changing venues and like a well-worn hat--it was due for an update.  I think the new look is "the bees knees". 



For a number of reasons, I decided to make a change to the packaging of my embroidery patterns. This is noteworthy because for over 20 years it has been done only one way; with patterns tucked inside a crisp white envelope and pattern images printed on the cover.  So naturally, any change made at this point is bound to be noticed by all my wonderful long-time customers--and I should explain.  In an effort to simplify my process, I have done away with the printed envelope all together.  I now provide a clear cellophane envelope with the pattern name and images printed on a paper insert instead.  This change has also allowed me to eliminate the upkeep and expense of running a fourth printer--one that was used just for envelopes.  Another benefit is that the reduced shipping weight allows postage costs to remain the same despite rising rates.  And of course, less packaging is good for the planet.  It's all good and I hope you like the new format as much as I do!

News Update for January 2020:



In December 2019, I opened PatternBee Embroidery a small side-shop on Etsy.  (This is in addition to MeadowSweet WorkShop where I mainly sell my handmade items, collectibles and crafting/sewing resources.)  My offerings on Etsy vary.  I welcome you to stop in and have a look around when you are in the Etsy neighborhood!