Product info . . .


We offer a collection of vintage embroidery patterns that have been restored and reprinted as new IRON-ON TRANSFERS! 


Often better than the originals, our reprints will give several good impressions. Transfer-lines are dark gray and may diminish over time; they do not wash out of all fabrics. The original directions, if there were any, have been updated to include current materials and sewing trends; some have directions for making quilts and other projects; and all motifs are full-size unless otherwise noted.  Most of the out-of-print patterns we offer originated in the U.S. and date from the turn of the century to the late 1960's and are in the public domain.  Copies of the original envelopes are not included.


We also offer a FREE Restoration Service!


Did you know that your favorite old embroidery patterns can be made new and usable again?  It's true!  We offer free restoration services to preserve vintage embroidery patterns in exchange for sharing them on the PatternBee website.


Here's how it works:


First, check our Embroidery Directory to see if your pattern has already been added to the website or archived.  If it's not there, send us an email with some general information (if you have it) like maker, number, date, and subject matter.  A picture is nice too!


Once we give a thumbs up to the project, you can send a print-ready PDF of your pattern, mail photocopies of your pattern or send the original (which will be returned to you).  The condition of your pattern does not have to be mint, they can be folded, used, torn, worn and ragged.  I've worked with them all---as favorite patterns tend to be well-loved.  But they do need to be complete.  If there's a nifty envelope all the better!   Patterns must be in the public domain (copyright free) and need to fit on a standard size sheet of paper.  Once we receive the pattern, the process generally takes 2-3 weeks time for your reprints to arrive.




Do you have a mail-order catalog?


Unfortunately, there is no time nor the resources to print a catalog and keep it updated indefinitely as new patterns are added monthly.  But you are welcome to print pages from the website for reference.


Do you sell wholesale?


Sorry we do not.  Each order is printed and packed individually, by Yours Truly.  It's the same process for any quantity.  Mass production is not happening here, so I am not able to offer a discount.


Can I resell the patterns?


All patterns offered on the PatternBee website are protected under current copyright laws.  Re-selling of the patterns, including digitizing the designs onto embroidery cards and CD's or for any other commercial enterprise is forbidden.  The patterns are provided for personal use, but you are welcome to make a few handmade items to sell at craft fairs or in your ETSY Shop, for instance.  Feel free to contact us if you have questions or would like to request permission to use the designs in any other manner that has not been addressed here.


Have you any plans to expand your website to include other items for embroidery?


The focus remains on the preservation of vintage embroidery patterns.  However, I have begun to publish books about needlework and craft-stitching and occasionally add my own designs for purchase on the site.